We offer complex die manufacturing, custom metal fabrication & engineering services.

With 50 years of consistent quality, efficient turnaround and unsurpassed dedication to precision Olympic Tool & Die Inc. continues to look forward to constantly improving as we go.

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Experienced Engineers

Our company offers extensive knowledge with a vastly experienced staff, complete with our own "in-house" design team

Complex Solutions

Totally committed to providing exceptionally precise & complex engineering for any kind of customized products needed.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed at Olympic Tool & Die with the latest design software, project expectations and deadlines are always met.



CMM stands for the coordinate measuring machine. It is manufacturing equipment used to measure the geometrical shape of physical objects. It probes discrete points on the object's surface and detects the object's geometry based on those points. Primarily, CMM is used to ensure the quality of a part. It tests the machine part and determines whether it fulfills the intent of the original design. That is why CMMs are included in quality control to assure the quality of each component produced by the design and manufacturing company.


Wired EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) is an advanced machining process where a single strand of wire is used as an electrode. This wire gives out electrical sparks, which aids erode material in the desired piece. It works with great precision and high accuracy. Wired EDM is mainly used to cut all the way through the material because it creates a linear line. It is often used to form dies, tools, cut hard plates, and give them a finished look.


As the name suggests, metal stamping is the process of pressing flat metal pieces to shape them up. It converts flat metal sheets into specific and complex shapes. The manufacturing process consists of many metal forming techniques, such as punching, blanking, embossing, bending, piercing, etc. Metal stamping is a budget-friendly and speedy method to produce large quantities to fulfill manufacturing needs. Various companies look for metal parts for their projects and require material manufactured with high precision.


Project management is the process of planning, organizing, and implementing project activities and fulfilling their requirements. It involves employing resources to control the management, meet deadlines, and enhance profitability. From an idea till its execution, all the activities related to work are part of it. Projects are divided into milestones, and each milestone is achieved according to the schedule. It helps companies complete their projects on time and at a low cost.


Tube bending allows the bending of tubes and pipes according to the specified requirements. Many projects required bent pipes for the maintenance of the structure. So, the tube bending services provide tubes in all shapes (curved, square, rectangle) and sizes. Tube bending and assembly are required for industrial, commercial, architectural, structural, and recreational usage. Tubes of different metals are bent to form various shapes as per the specifications.


Metal stamping leads to the manufacturing of metal stamped parts. It involves pressing flat metal sheets into a stamping press, which eventually forms the desired shape with the tool and dies. Metal stamping services include blanking, coining, embossing, bending, and punching to shape the material. Customized metal stamping parts are also available for different industries. Industries require parts as per their needs and application. So, the metal stamping process ensures all components meet exact specifications and produce in bulk.


A die could be anything that transforms the material into a customized shape or product. Dies are pre-shaped tools that press onto the materials such as metal or plastic. The press applies force on the material and cuts hard through it. As a result, the material takes shape and size of the die. Every project has a different requirement of the dies. So, customized dies are produced to match the specification and capabilities of the project. Custom dies are manufactured according to their application and industry needs.


Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining is a process of manufacturing through pre-programmed software. The computerized software controls the movements of the tools and machines. Many industries have incorporated CNC machining in their manufacturing. A CNC machine is capable of performing complex tasks and cuts through the material in three dimensions. It doesn’t require the aid of human operators as the machine functions on its own.


Testing procedures and solutions are employed to ensure the quality of the product. Testing helps in assuring that the product is as per the standards for consumer use. It verifies that the manufacturing design is correct and the product is of high quality. Testing solutions aid in maximizing a company's profitability. Integrating reliable testing in the manufacturing process ensures the product's safety and facilitates the manufacturing process.


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About us

Olympic Tool & Die Inc. has been serving many industries since 1976 as a design and manufacturing company. We have built our reputation by providing high-quality products and efficient functions. We are ISO registered with the no. ISO 9001:2015, to provide design, refurbishing, and manufacturing of tools, dies, and fixtures.

Our Mission:
Olympic Tool & Die Inc. is committed to providing quality work and innovative manufacturing solutions to our customers. We have employed the best team with tremendous skills and vast experience for tool and die designs and manufacturing. We aim to provide completed projects on time.

Our Vision:
We strive to be the best tool and dies maker and supplier for various industries while bringing innovations in our technology.

What We Do?

Olympic Tool & Die Inc. covers all aspects of manufacturing and designing as a tool and dies maker. We offer the following:

Progressive Dies

Progressive dies consist of a series of operations in which one stroke follows the other. The workpiece stays attached to the base while different strokes perform the functions. With each stroke, the piece moves towards completion. Progressive dies increase the punching productivity and work efficiently. 

Transfer Dies 

Transfer die is similar to progressive die except that an individual unit works on each part. The parts have to be transported to multiple stations designated for all the operations; one station performs one stroke. 

Draw Dies

Draw dies punch into the metal sheet to form a shape. It takes control of the boundary and holds it firmly with a blank holder. 

Forming Dies 

Forming dies are similar to stencils but in industrial size. It is a manufacturing tool that presses hard into the metal and gives it specific shapes. 

Roll Form

Roll forming is another approach used for metal shaping. This process involves the continuous bending of long metal strips with a set of rollers. 


Prototypes are referred to as early models of a product built for testing. It demonstrates the process and purpose of that product before its launch. 

Blanking Dies

Blanking dies are used for cutting the metal piece. It produces a flat piece of material in the desired shape by cutting it in one operation. It only cuts the edges and is not used for parts with internal features. 

Swage Dies Compound

It is another technique for metal formation. The edges or dimensions of the metal are deformed to fit around another part by pressing it.

Dies Secondary Operation

Dies secondary operations include those processes that are done after the initial manufacturing operations. It improves the quality and gives a finishing look to the products.

Brand History:

Olympic Tool and Die has built its reputation, over the past 50 years, by putting each individual piece, part, component and completed project, through rigorous quality procedures.


All of our customers rely on the experience, skill and efficiency of our Olympic Tool & Die team to oversee the design, engineering, scheduling, production and on- time delivery of their entire projects. Such projects range from air and hydraulic presses to custom machinery, tools and dies, and jigs and fixtures. To meet your unique production specifications, we employ a variety of processes, such as drilling, welding, and assembly.


Why Choose Us?

  • High-quality Work
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Experienced Team
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  • Cost-Friendly Rates
  • Customer Satisfaction

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