Olympic Tool & Die Inc. is pleased to provide metal stamping, CNC machining, and other services to various industries. We specialize in manufacturing and design processes and provide consistent results.

Electronics Industry 

The electronic industry requires manufacturing various small parts and components for machines. We are experts at the tools and die making of electronics products. We provide draw dies for reactors, semiconductors, connectors, and other components. We work with different materials, such as plastic, brass, aluminum, copper, and many others. 

Automotive Industry

Automotive is another industry that requires constant changes in design and new parts for the products. We help companies in this industry keep up with the competition and provide the material as per specification. Our work includes seat tracks, impact beams, engines frames, seatbelt harnesses, and many more components. Professionals in our team are capable of providing reliable and accurate services. 

Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry relies on the tool and dies makers for its equipment. It requires complex parts for the manufacturing of aircraft components. Olympic Tool & Die Inc. offers CNC machining, die making, and customized services to create aerospace parts. Our manufactured products meet high standards, work efficiently, and are designed with precision.

Solar Industry

The solar or energy industry is one of the most rapidly evolving industries across the globe. It requires constant innovation and unique manufacturing requirements to keep up with the competition. Our manufacturing and design company caters to all the specifications of the solar industry and assists them with a mounting system. We work in collaboration with the solar industry to manufacture the required components. 

Medical Industry

The medical industry or healthcare sector is one of the leading sectors of the world. Medical equipment and surgical instruments are in great demand worldwide. Our experts in tool and die design manufacture customized components as per the specifications. Our machines work on various materials and design medical devices needs for ophthalmology or orthopaedics. We watch out for minute details, and our manufactured components are of the highest quality. 

General Manufacturing

Olympic Tool & Die Inc. is capable of handling various types of tool and die designs. We offer solutions for the general manufacturing application. Any industry that requires the help of a design and manufacturing company to build and design products, we assist them with reliable services and deliver results that exceed expectations. 

More Industries Serviced by Olympic Tool and Die

Olympic Tool and Die specializes in the design and manufacture of cut-to-length, pre-pierce and notch, embossing and forming dies for the Roll Forming industry.

In-line Dies

  • Pre-Pierce/Notch 
  • Mid-Pierce/Notch 
  • Fly Cut-to Length
  • Forming/Embossing Dies

Our dies work in fast- speed Roll Forming applications providing:

  • Versatility using multiple gags
  • Precision with pilot pick-up units
  • Dies capable of doing on complex 3D paths

Roofing Tile, Cladding, Siding & Metal Building

Olympic Tool and Die has developed innovative ways to provide Metal Building and roofing manufacturers with both products and processes to improve production efficiencies and lower costs.

Complex Progressive Dies for the Automotive Industry

For many years, we have provided the Automotive industry with complex progressive dies to produce:

  • Seatbelt harness buckles
  • Seat tracks
  • Window tracks
  • Bumpers
  • Impact beams
  • Engine Frames

Heavy Gauge Components used in Rail Car & Trailer Industry

We have considerable experience in the design, testing and manufacture of forming, pre-pierce and cut-off dies to produce heavy gauge components.

Rail Car Industry

  • Roof Sheets
  • Side Sheets
  • Reinforcing Door Beams
  • Road Industry
  • Truck Fenders

Furniture and Appliances

We provide the Furniture & Appliances industry with:

  • Cut to length dies
  • Crimping Dies Tube piercing and angle cut dies and machines
  • Complex 3D checking fixtures and gauges
  • Pivoting welding fixtures, complete with automatic clamping systems

Lighting and Heating Industry

We provide the Lighting/Heating industry with:

  • Draw Dies for reactors
  • Perforating dies for radiator components
  • Piercing and Forming Dies for BBQ components