Custom Tools and Dies

High-Quality Custom Tools, Dies, Jigs and Fixture Manufacturing

Olympic Tool and Die designs high-quality custom tools, dies, jigs and fixtures as well as custom machinery that allows you to produce more efficiently.

We manufacture high-precision products and deliver on time. You can rely on our dedication to quality and precision to deliver creatively designed, thoroughly tested solutions for all tool and die needs.

With a full array of CNC Machining Centers, lathes, grinders, and punch presses, we have the capability and the 24-hour shift capacity if required to meet your needs.

We provide complete services from concept phase, through design, manufacture, testing and installation.

Tools and Die Manufacturing

Our customers rely on our experience and expertise to help them achieve a cost-effective outcome.

Olympic Tool & Die designs and manufactures custom tools and dies for a variety of industries to allow our customers to efficiently produce a wide range of products. Our tools and dies are designed for standalone equipment but, more often, we develop our tools and dies to work in a production line environment where precision, timing and manufacturing efficiency are vital to our customers' success.

Our customers rely on our experience and expertise to help them achieve a cost-effective outcome.

We design and manufacture specialized dies for the Rollform industry:

  • In-line Dies
    • Pre-Pierce/Notch
    • Mid-Pierce/Notch
    • Fly Cut-to Length
    • Forming/ Embossing Dies

Other products include:

  • Progressive Dies
  • Heavy duty Dies
  • Crimping Dies
  • Dies integrated in linear transfer systems
  • Versatile Dies with ON/OFF gagged punches Quick punch and die change systems
  • Quick die changeover systems
  • Press-die combinations

We custom design and manufacture for all industries.

Fixtures and Jig Manufacturing

We custom design and build fixtures and jigs to your manufacturing specifications. When you need accuracy and precision in the manufacturing of parts, Olympic Tool & Die has the talent and know-how to build superior fixtures and jigs to hold and support parts being machined to fine tolerances.

From simple jigs to complex fixtures for unique products, talk to Olympic Tool & Die. Take advantage of our unique experience to make sure you get the highest quality products to meet your needs.

We design and manufacture Welding Fixtures, automated clamping systems, rotating; Checking Gauges, designed in house; Tube Bending Fixtures; and more.