Welcome to Olympic Tool & Die Inc.

Operating since 1976 and ISO registered, Olympic Tool & Die has consistently produced uncompromising quality in the design, manufacture and service of:
Progressive Dies
Transfer Dies Draw Dies
Forming Dies Roll Form Industry Dies
Prototype Dies Blanking Dies
Swage Dies Compound Dies
Secondary Operation Dies

All of our customers rely on the experience, skill and efficiency of our Olympic Tool & Die team to oversee the design, engineering, scheduling, production and on-time delivery of their entire projects. Such projects range from air and hydraulic presses to custom machinery, tools and dies, and jigs and fixtures. To meet your unique production specifications, we employ a variety of processes, such as drilling, welding, and assembly.

Brand history

Olympic Tool and Die has built its reputation, over the past 50 years, by putting each individual piece, part, component and completed project, through rigorous quality procedures.


Our Clients